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Suit you, sir!," much to the discomfort of the customer. In subsequent series, the tune only appeared in the closing credits, played on the saxophone. (, Even Better Than That!, a slack-jawed, not too bright man who comes back from the shops with something ridiculously unnecessary instead of what his wife sent him out for. After meeting through a mutual friend, comedian Harry Enfield invited Whitehouse to write for him. Contents. Some of the more prominent recurring characters/sketches are: In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow quotes the show, the Rowley Birkin line "... and then they made me their chief!". (Day, series 2–3, online series). A compilation of all the best bits from Series 1. (Williams, series 3), Sir Geoffrey Norman MP, a politician who responds to all questions (however innocuous) as if he were performing on-air political damage limitation, refusing outright to answer the question, stonewalling or speaking in legal-ese to explain why he will not answer. Other significant cast members included Felix Dexter, Paul Shearer, Rhys Thomas, Jeff Harding, Maria McErlane, Eryl Maynard, Colin McFarlane and Donna Ewin. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Microsoft OneDrive - Cloud Storage; The free Windows 10 upgrade offer ends soon: 29th ... Be a street child's superhero! Sort: Relevant Newest # happy # smiling # idk # funny cats # priest # happy # comedy # 90s # 1990s # father ted # fawlty towers # funny walk # basil fawlty # john cleese # fawlty towers # coming out of my room # people are over # football # sexy # comedy # flirt # flirting and Monkfish as a "tough, uncompromising vet" in "All Monkfish Great and Small." In one sketch, someone else introduced himself with "Hi! I'm Ed Winchester!" Its style and presentation influenced many later series such as Little Britain and The Catherine Tate Show. In 2006, Higson and Whitehouse produced and performed in Down the Line, a spoof talkback show for BBC Radio 4, hosted by Rhys Thomas, which featured many of the regular Fast Show cast, including Higson, Whitehouse, Simon Day, Arabella Weir and Felix Dexter. Very socially inept, he compensates with humour by repeating catchphrases or making other extraneous cultural references ad nauseam (“The bells, Esmerelda, the bells!”), as well as multi-coloured clothing, and never being able to answer a question without adding one nonsensical remark after another. The rest of the team are initially dismissive of him as a sad old man particularly when he begins wearing unsuitable clothes, getting tattoos and having his belly button pierced. ", in an upbeat voice. Contains an extended 50 minute version of the original 30 minute special. (Williams, series 3), Six Hours In Make-Up an over-the-top thespian describes his character and mentions that he needs to spend six hours being made up when actually it takes a few seconds (Thomson, series 3), Monster Monster, a vampire who creeps up on a slumbering woman and gives her betting advice (Whitehouse, series 3). The first Roy & Renée sketch is removed from the 2007, On-screen captions and graphics for various sketches (such as those on "Jesse's Diets", "Return of the Unpronouncables", "Rowley Berkin Q.C. High quality Scorchio gifts and merchandise. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. One early sketch featured Higson portraying an earnest, Archie the pub bore. A man (Whitehouse) who finds himself in boring or bizarre situations, such as a dinner party where a woman is talking about how she was abandoned as a child and crying about everyone letting her down. High quality The Fast Show gifts and merchandise. Mid-Life Crisis Man – an ensemble series of sketches made by the whole male team playing members of a golf club. This character was invented by Weir to parody similar experiences she had had with the men in the, I'm not Pissed, a family – mother (Maria McErlane), father (Williams) and son (Day) – who regularly point out that they are not drunk despite the fact they are taking regular sly swigs from gin bottles, beer cans, and the like hidden throughout the house. His appearance is allegedly, Ken and Kenneth, two tailors in a men's formal wear shop, who bombard potential customers with sexually explicit innuendo about their private life, frequently interjecting the catchphrase "Ooh! The Fast Show was a working title disliked by both Whitehouse and Higson but it went unchanged through production and eventually remained as the final title. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. They become confused and even frightened in two episodes; one when they get a customer who is gay, and another with a customer (played by Day) who is as willing to talk about sexual deviance as they are. Day thought of it as "sick". Examples include "Anyone fancy a pint?" Thirty years, man and boy!" [])). Johnny Depp is a major fan of The Fast Show and an ardent admirer of Paul Whitehouse, whom he once described as "the greatest actor in the world". In the first draft of the script for the pilot, this character was called Eric and was described as "a young, Chanel 9, a low-budget television channel from a country known only as "Republicca", or full title "Republicca Democratia Militaria" ruled by "El Presidente" who resembles a stereotypical Latin American dictator. [5] The earnestness of the born-again Christian was parodied in another group of sketches where various characters responded to any comment or question by extolling the virtues of "Our Lord Jesus" and ended the sketch with the exclamation "He died for all our sins, didn't he?" Speaking on the BBC Two show Something for the Weekend on 9 September 2007, Higson mentioned the upcoming DVD boxed set release and that a reunion of some sort to help promote it was being considered. Shop high-quality unique Fast Show T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. (Williams, all series), Checkout Girl, a simple and chatty young woman working behind the till at a supermarket who passes comment on every item the customer buys regardless of the personal or sensitive nature of the product: ", Ed Winchester, an American reporter. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. He comes up in the show in various locations, always wearing a sheepskin coat, and is at one point on Chanel 9 News sitting in the sports reporter's seat. The set-up is a parody of a scene from the 1922 German classic horror film, Roger Nouveau Football Fan, a man who seems to talk a lot about football as if a true. Whenever he or his wife Katie (Weir) mentions the colour "black", however, he becomes more and more depressed, eventually going somewhat insane and shouting wildly about the despair of mankind ("Where are we sleeping tonight, mother? It was loosely structured and relied on character sketches, running gags, and many catchphrases. No question. Billy Bleach, tousle-mopped, interfering pub know-it-all who gets it all wrong, usually ending up with others losing money. is replaced by the weather girl pointing out a single cloud on the weather map: cue shocked reactions from everyone and … He is also seen in the background when the Brilliant Kid walks past. Paul Whitehouse said that Ron Manager was based on ex-QPR, Luton Town and Fulham manager Alec Stock. (played by Whitehouse), "You ain't seen me, right!" They become much more interested however when his girlfriend invites one of her equally attractive friends to the, Ranting Man – a chain-smoking car driver played by Mark Williams rants about anything and everything through his wound-down window. Contains an extended version of the 1996 Christmas Special with 10 minutes of previously unshown footage. The first three episodes of the first series were repeated on BBC One. (Williams, series 2–3), John Actor, who plays Inspector Monkfish, the title character in a fictional BBC police drama. He is usually only seen in an industrial scrapheap area. A significant proportion of The Fast Show was shot externally, unusually for a sketch show. (Aherne, series 1–2, online series), The Offroaders, Simon and Lindsey, despite their unusually high confidence and self-esteem, are useless at their hobby ("It's gripped!," "It's sorted!"). A seven-DVD box set which compiled nearly all their material from 1994-2000, except the two live DVD releases and their spin-off series/specials. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. [citation needed] Arthur Atkinson is a composite of Arthur Askey and Max Miller. [2], Whitehouse and Higson, as co-producers and main writers, assembled the original team of writers and performers, which included David Cummings, Mark Williams, Caroline Aherne, Paul Shearer, Simon Day, Arabella Weir, John Thomson, Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews (of Father Ted fame), Dave Gorman, Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer and Craig Cash (who went on to write and perform with Aherne in The Royle Family).

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