hearthstone shudderwock card

hearthstone shudderwock card

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This. This is already good in a Shaman Evolve Shell. Glad that you're using updated cards after all of the added cards, AI changes, and nerfs that made older decks less optimal. Shudderwock can be used to close out games by repeating the Battlecries of Lifedrinker, Doppelgangster, Grumble, Worldshaker, and Murmuring Elemental. This list includes Sandbinder, which is very effective when you need to draw your elementals. Can easily be. Why is nobody talking ’bout C’Thun =-D it almost doubles his stats. But Warrior has zero decks above Tier 4, and the best performing one (Bomb Warrior) has an anemic 45.6% winrate. Invoke Galakrond again but there's no more board space and also add a random lackey to your hand (a witchy lackey would be cool to turn shudderwock into a 10-drop because he's clearly not overpowered enough). Diablo ® IV BUT if it triggers both saronite (first) and Grumble afterwards it will crush the game. Also keep in mind, that you need a bit of experience with a deck to use it to its full potential. I can give an example of a dominant meta defining era for each class as well as a time when they were terrible. How does this card work with zola? They need to do something about this nonsense card because it's probably the card in all HS history that limits the design space the most. That's why you can consider a card like Acolyte of Pain. (i main shaman btw so i think i know what im talkin 'bout), and warrior is pretty good still.he is really fun and i win a decent amount even against meta decks with my full classic deck. As much as I love Shaman and as much as Shudderwock is the card I miss most from YotR, I agree with what Max said. Thank god Shaman can’t add this card back to the hand in the same turn they play it. Jade Claws, Jade Spirit and such are Battlecries, so you will get a HUGE board after playing this, a board that your opponent just has to answer or he dies. One Match, one success :) Guide is awesome too :). In Standard… well, I don’t know how powerful UNTARGETED Battlecries are for Shaman. Turn 6-8: Play Grumble (has to be after Saronite) But looking at cards that are still in Standard, there are still quite a few good options. How do you suppose that will work? log in sign up. I don’t see this legendary as powerful right now, but with the upcoming 5 expansions Shaman can get good battlecries and make this worth it. However, it can target copies of itself it created. This card is definitely the Jabberwocky from Alice, People gave some cool ideas so I want to add some: Yes, yes it can. In Wild you can refill your board with super strong green men (some of them even with Taunt to protect you). Fun card, whoever decided to print and launch this while Grumble is still in Standard deserves a raise and a pat on the back. 9% and Galakrond Shaman at 51.7%), but the overall winrate of the class gets dragged down by the abysmal quality of Quest Galakrond decks (currently at Tier 4 with a 41.9% winrate). Hearthstone’s Shudderwock is just as broken as Ben Brode feared Update, April 13: One Witchwood card in particular is proving pretty strong. Hearthstone’s latest … I rather be beaten with aggro than to wait too long and always lose with my control deck. Beware the Shudderwock, my son. StarCraft II WCS. Why does hearthstone always have to ruin my fun with rng besides that this card still seems awesome . Dungeon Run Guide: Best Card Bundles and Abilities. Shudderwock would be a great card to keep at shaman arsenal for years to come since it... Move shudderwock into classic or basic shaman set. Can Shudderwock repeat the battlecry of a previous SHudderwock? Aggro shaman seems viable. Also, at the end of this guide, you will find some info on how to counter Shudderwock Shaman in hearthstone. Dealing 3 damage to all minions when you play this is insane. To improve the consistency of this combo, you can use Fire Plume Harbinger to reduce Murmuring Elemental's cost and Sandbinder to draw several combo pieces. it’s basically equivalent of just kidding. Where you shutters, then shutterwock, followed by something like a shutterwock. Your Shudderwock is basically used to heal you and to kill enemy minions. I don’t believe that works but if you play chain gang into grumble it should just win you the game as you now have another Wock in your hand. How does this work with the worldshaker? He doesn’t have a targeted skill, the only annoying part could be filling the board with 1/1. This sounds less like Shaman has bad options, and more that you don’t like the options available to Shaman. It is randim, you can clearly see it in the final reaeavel video. Don't worry if Shudderwock or some other combo pieces are in the end of your deck. Very limited card draw (only far sight and manatide, both from classic that draw only 1 card at the time), overnerfed galakrond cards which was the only it had going for them (invocation of frost at 2 mana is a bad joke) and 0 win conditions. The general strategy of this OTK Shaman deck works in the following way: The only way you can beat the Shudderwock Shaman deck is to kill your opponent before they play Shudderwock in the first place -- that is, before turn nine. A new cancer will be born! So thrall is a nombo for shudderwock. I still stick with Highlander, even if I don’t do as well as I could with a resurrect deck, because I find the deck more fun. 1 How to get 2 Generated Hero Power 3 Notes 4 Strategy 5 Quotes 6 Emotes 6.1 … You also want him to duplicate himself as much as possible to do more face damage next turn. I used to have a lot of fun in ranked with Shudderwock shaman so I enjoyed toying Nefarian around =). Shudderwock comes in when you need to heal with the help of previously played Lifedrinkers. Shudderwock cannot target itself with Battlecries. 1. I think I might be making them cost too much mana given how many other classes can spam unlimited 0 cost cards, but I think it might help totem shaman become a tier shaman deck. 0. It specifically draws spells. Priestess of Elune, Darkscale Healer, Fungal Enchanter, etc… if you need a bit more survival This page was last edited on 30 August 2020, at 16:32. Combo Shaman incomming, but still a lot of setup required with relatively bad cards. Damage to oposing hero or restoring health are not bad, but normally lackluster. For the minion card of the same name, see Shudderwock. Still viable in Wild, where you can use him in different scenarios, other than OTK or Jades. Exactly! Update 11.2, Tess Greymane, and HCT Seoul, The Witchwood – Mysterious Missives Part 3, https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Shudderwock?oldid=401656. Confirmed by Ben on the stream. 0. Dear lord, in wild this can be 9 mana 6/6 battle cry summon 6 jade golems. People in general don't understand this class and its strengths, which are cheap efficient spells, strong healing and great AoEs to clear low-health minions, which is exactly what you need for this boss. I had never thought Saronite Chain Gang would double this minion and not invoke another Chain Gang. Nefarian is yet another boss, whose hero power produces minions. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. Unlike its card text suggests ("Repeat all, Prior to a hotfix, Shudderwock did not copy, Shudderwock is a reference to the Jabberwock, a creature featured in ", Shudderwock's flavor text is a reference to the "vorpal sword," the weapon used in the poem to slay the Jabberwock, as well as to the. Since you know what you are facing, you can use them just to do specific things you really need. Support Account My Gifts Careers Company. Choose any number of totems, choose an equal number of enemy minions, swap them, battlecry: deal damage to enemy minions equal to the amount of cards remaining in your deck, dormant: add 10 zepherys too your hand and eliminate the duplicate requirement. please nerf but boring move move spells and cheater. This sequence makes the best Shudderwock's battlecry. I think this will not bounce itself though. Battlecry: Invoke Galakrond 4 times (and summon 4 2/1s with rush) also summon 2 8/8s with rush and also equip a 5/2 sharp finger. Ideally you want to play two Doppelgangsters, use Bog Slosher on them and play Doppelgangsters again. Blacktiger's Blackrock Mountain deck collection: Maloriak (in near-term plans)                                                 (temporary skipped), View 29 other Decks by Blacktiger_HS_channel, The Grim Guzzler - Shaman's balanced deck, Dark Iron Arena - Mage's Frost Nova exploit deck, Emperor Thaurissan - Priest's purify deck, Ragnaros (& Majordomo) - Druid's jade deck, General Drakkisath - Warrior's recruit deck, Razorgore the Untamed - Priest's dragon deck, Vaelastrasz the Corrupt - Warrior's hand deck, Lord Victor Nefarius - Warlock's Mecha’thun deck, Omnotron Defense System - Warlock's headshot deck. You can play cards that makes minions such as saronite chain gang and instantly double evolve them. At some point you may want to be careful to don't burn your key cards. You will skip your turn 3, but you certainly will be ready to handle the board afterwards. The order is random though. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Also, it’s hard to consider Shaman “completely boned” when they currently have two Tier 2 decks (Totem and Galakrond). Shudderwock's quotes are also taken from the poem. This is the insane deck EVER!! And unlike these two he always produces the same 2-health minions, so you can build your deck around countering these minions specifically. I've only lost once against a shudderwok deck (I was pretty unlucky), all you have to do is smorc face clearing any spell damage totems, but otherwise just go face, since it weakens volcano. Didn’t he confirm that they will always be the same order? Play this in Wild … AFTER you played Yogg-Saron …. 2. You still need to kill those 4/2 every turn, though and this can drain your resources. Totem shaman is a highroll deck, i know its not terrible but it doesnt feel good to play, you could pick it up and have a 40% win rate in one day and 60% on the other, decks like this arent good to climb. Card would be still powerful but not stupidly broken.

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