michael feast married

michael feast married

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Eye gouging in the right way would definitely blind one of its eyes. agreed, and more important factor is - durability, fur and speed. The average punch force of karate black belt is recorded at 325 pounds. So the punch force of a gorilla could be from 1300 lbs to 2700 lbs. A human can beat a lion with his BEAR hands (Only if he hands bear hands lol). A gorilla’s strength is equivalent to that of 12 strongest humans on earth. You'd be dead. Your email address will not be published. Want to know how many men it would take to beat a gorilla? Not sure a head butt would do all that much damage. I'm just suggesting that it's very conceivable for a peak condition human to win against a chimp in a fight. Epic Guide to Gorilla Strength How Strong is a Gorilla? I hope he had a happy life. If asking who would win in a one-on-one fight between a gorilla and a human, the answer is unequivocally a gorilla. Finally, a gorilla is not only stronger pound for pound than a human being, but they are a wild animal. Not to mention that gorillas regularly fight each other in the wild, so they're built to take blows from other gorillas. Gorillas are much, much stronger then humans, nobody is going blow for blow with a gorilla. Give the guy a combat knife or something along those lines and I could see it being a lot closer (I can see arguments of the guy dying, with the gorilla going shortly afterwards). Debunk - to expose or excoriate (a claim, assertion, sentiment, etc.) So a gorilla could catch an elite runner. Not that it matters in the thread because gorillas >>> Chimps, but just correcting you. not a battle....even if it were, it would be spiteful. Gorilla has a thicker fur than human bite possibility.. Gorilla has MUCH denser muscles compared to humans. You'll probably break your hand trying to punch his skull. Sorry, but professional martial artist beats gorilla 6/10 times. Well, time to debunk them. Often they are animal vs. animal but otherwise, a man vs. animal, which doesn’t happen frequently but one battle keeps popping up and has kept the people debating as to who will win in a fight, a Silverback Gorilla or a Grizzly bear. That picture shows how easy it would be to put your arms around its neck when it charges at you. my grandad told my father the story , he heard it while in the army abroad , i know you wont listen of even care but thats true and is what would happen to any guy. With the ability to break a human hand with little or no ease, a gorilla is a very big threat to humans when fighting. Yeah, it doesn't matter that gorillas can bite 100x the volume humans can, in one bite. 400 lbs) have a muscle mass density almost 4 times higher than the most heavily muscled powerful human you know Has a gorilla ever killed a human? Gorillas are omnivores, but their diet consists mostly of plant matter. They behave differently and occasionally threaten their opponents to scare them away. You claimed that its too thick to get choked out, so the burden of proof is on you. Strength isn't everything in a fight. Also, the person who created this lion thread is the biggest troll. Simply put it, any well trained martial artist can beat an unarmed gorilla and win. You wouldn't use the same argument against a bear would you? Yeah, a gorilla can’t float in water, but that is not the sole reason why gorillas can’t swim. And it's not that you can't build muscle on a vegetarian diet (you can), or just that going vego with a bit of bug thrown in wouldn't be palatable. Basically, you're not changing your - quite frankly, idiotic - opinion regardless of whatever information is brought up. By the pure definition of the word, so far in this thread, you've debunked nothing. Ok, and.anderson silva beats hulk by skill. Gorillas on (avg. Shining its arms can be blocked. Open hand strikes to the nose or eye gouging. If fought in the right way, a human would effortlessly defeat a gorilla. So a gorilla could catch an elite runner. Why haven't you guys responded yet? Either bring some actual objective truth to the discussion or admit defeat. Again, they aren't strong enough to outmatch the skill. How hard can a gorilla punch?It is believed that a gorilla punch is strong enough to shatter your skull with one slam of its arm:/Between 1300 to 2700 pounds of force. well it doesnt matter if you dont belive it its true ,the guy was a professional boxer and a black belt at jui jutsu , ive seen a video of a deer with one eye hanging out and its still protectiong itself , a gorrila would be the same , and just to let you know that my young cousin has been so inspired by your thread that he actually wants to go out and fight a gorilla , he woont listen to me when i said your joking, and how come even professional fighters have troube beating people in a street fight and thats a PERSON , a gorilla would destroy, http://www.mtv.com/news/1865937/men-fought-apes/, and again what scientific evidence have you got.

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