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He lives in the French Quarter. However, in the Season 1 episode "Careful What You Wish For", Patton announces to Sebastian that he has upped his nickname to "Triple P", with the third "P" standing for "Perfection". She had been part of Agent Dwayne Pride’s (Scott Bakula) team since the very first crossover episode of NCIS. In season 5, S.S.A. Some time during or after prison, he had taken up painting, which his granddaughter Laurel thinks is simple but cute, saying his trees look like "green marshmallows". ", (L-R) Lucas Black as Special Agent Christopher LaSalle and Zoe McLellan as Special Agent Meredith 'Merri' Brody in 'NCIS: New Orleans. Dwayne thinks maybe trying to make up for his father's crooked deeds is one reason why he went so far the other way, becoming a top law enforcement officer and agent. Und Merri hatte eine Schwester namens Emely Anne Brody, die offiziell durch einen betrunkenen Autofahrer starb. He threatens her, then tries to bargain with her, then to bribe her, but she tells him he is all out of moves. In season two, Vance orders a specialist unit to shadow Pride, who is in fear for his life. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express [1] Sie ist sehr gut im Nahkampf. After Pride is promoted to Special Agent in Charge, she transfers to the New Orleans field office as a Supervisory Special Agent (S.S.A.) In NCIS: New Orleans Season 2, Brody's hair grew long to the point that it completely covered both her ears while the fringe covered the right side of her forehead. Cade's mental health therapist — Savannah Kelly — turns out to be Chris's childhood sweetheart; because of Cade's connection, they reunite romantically, which puts Savannah in harm's way. Abby is a forensic specialist assigned to NCIS Headquarters. [1][2] On the 100th episode, Dwayne reveals he has a half-brother named Jimmy Boyd by his father. Ducky is a medical examiner assigned to NCIS Headquarters. As he is dying, Pride promises him no one will ever discover his son's identity or hurt him. He beats up Stone and hauls him around in the trunk of a car, trying to get information out of him. Hannah Khoury's demotion. Sgt. C.J. LaSalle was first a detective out of the New Orleans Police Department's Fifth District at the time of Hurricane Katrina[4] and then spent seven years on the NOPD vice squad. [For years, the Privileged Killer was erroneously believed to be Victor Lourde, who had been framed by a member of the "Fed Five," Dan MacClain. NCIS New Orleans: Why did Sonja Percy star Shalita Grant really leave? Sie hat ein außergewöhnliches Gedächtnis und vergisst nie etwas. Meredith "Merri" Brody is a former NCIS Supervisory Special Agent with the New Orleans field office. newspaper archive. Sasha Broussard (Callie Thorne) is a former member of the New Orleans Broussard crime syndicate, though she claims she is trying to disassociate herself from her family. However, when she joined NCIS NOLA it was as an entirely new character called Brody. According to Brody, he was previously employed by United States Cyber Command. CBS hat eine Siebte Staffel bestellt und damit klettert die Serie auf 163 Episoden wenn alles gut geht. NCIS season 18 spoilers: Torres star teases ‘exciting’ things to come, NCIS New Orleans: Meredith Brody left in season 2, NCIS New Orleans: Meredith Brody was an original character. Amelia Parsons (Ellen Hollman) is AAG Eric Barlow's tech security chief, but she is also a lethal ex-CIA assassin. McLellan’s ex-husband, actor Jean-Pierre Guy Gillain, whom she divorced in 2016, had accused her of child abduction for taking their son to Toronto, The Blast reported. Brody was a tall, thin woman in her late thirties, early forties with short brown hair and brown eyes. Also like NCIS Probationary Agent Eleanor Bishop, Brody wore her watch on her right hand although Brody later stopped wearing a watch altogether. After being placed into custody, Messier is presumably convicted of his crimes, stripped of his rank as Captain and jailed. Isler slowly warms to Pride's professionalism and sense of justice, if not his methods, realizing New Orleans is a unique town that requires a different touch than the Washington D.C. beltway Isler is used to. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, United States Department of Justice National Security Division, Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, "Saying no to 'NCIS' worked for Scott Bakula", "Scoop: NCIS: New Orleans Pilot AddsSons of Anarchy's CCH Pounder,JAG Alum", "Scoop: NCIS: NEW ORLEANS on CBS - Tuesday, March 14, 2017",, Lists of American crime television series characters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Resident Agent-in-Charge, NCISRA New Orleans (2014–2018, 2019–Present), Senior Special Agent, NCIS New Orleans Field Office, Field Agent, NCIS New Orleans Field Office (resigned), Probationary Special Agent/Forensics Agent, NCIS New Orleans Field Office, Special Agent, NCIS New Orleans Field Office, Investigative Computer Specialist, NCIS New Orleans Field Office, Supervisory Special Agent, NCIS New Orleans Field Office, This page was last edited on 20 September 2020, at 04:26. NCIS New Orleans fans will remember how Brody was one of the original cast members of the spin-off series. Brody later joined NCIS and after becoming a full-fledged NCIS agent, presumably carried out a few assignments of her own before being assigned as the Special Agent Afloat on board the USS Moultrie. Isler later fires Gregorio for disobeying a direct order, though he lobbies the Department of Justice to install her on Pride's team. Dies konnte ihre Mitstudentin und Leiterin des Prostituierten-Ringes Tilda nicht zulassen. In "My City", it is revealed that he was seduced by Sasha Broussard into becoming a mole, which led to his assassinating Baitfish, once he was captured by Special Agent Pride and his team. In 2010, she confronted Petty Officer Third Class Jerry Hooper who was wielding a suicide vest. Meredith Brody (played by Zoe McLellan) was a huge part of the early seasons of NCIS New Orleans. CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. In the end, Dwayne chooses not to reveal those dark elements to Laurel, much to Cassius's relief; Dwayne even shares an anecdote showing Cassius as a good father. He is a crossover character from NCIS. Pride and his now-estranged wife Linda used to live in the Lower Garden District. In 2015, it is revealed that he has been working with Loretta for five years. NCIS: New Orleans Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Brody had something of a distant relationship with her parents as they often shipped their daughters off to boarding school with Brody even calling her family the Stepfords. Dort wollte ein Petty Officer mit einer Bombe auf die "Brücke", Brody hätte ihn aufhalten können, doch sie hat gezögert, dadurch starben 2 Menschen. In season three, it is revealed that LaSalle was initially unsure of Percy's addition to the team; similarly, Percy is hesitant of Gregorio's arrival, though they come to respect each other. As of the beginning of season two, Dwayne and Linda officially divorced. He is a crossover character from NCIS. Quentin Carter (Charles Michael Davis) is a brash NCIS Special Agent who is the replacement for agent Christopher LaSalle. After she gains the trust of Pride, the team discover she has been assisting Baitfish in his quest to control the entirety of NOLA's criminal enterprises. senior NCIS Special Agent. Borin first works with Pride's team when she is tasked with interrogating a smuggler whose crimes took place within Coast Guard jurisdiction. But in the end, Amelia resorts to her mission of vengeance against Pride, and taking several shots at him, Pride's father Cassius steps in front of the bullets and is killed instead. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He has been married and divorced three times. DIE ENGAGIERTE ERMITTLERIN VERSUCHT EINEN NEUANFANG IN NEW ORLEANS Zoe McLellan als Agent Meredith Brody. Sie war auf einem Internat. NCIS: New Orleans is an American television series, executive produced by Gary Glasberg and Mark Harmon. Episodes 2-4 recurring; episodes 5-24 main of season 5 only. He is often regularly partnered up with Gregorio, both being the newest members of the team and supported each other in firefights. Brody later joined NCIS and after becoming a fully-fledged NCIS agent, presumably carried out a few assignments of her own before being assigned as the Special Agent Afloat on board the USS Moultrie. to replace him as the team's direct supervisor. Her resignation leads to an FBI investigation into the team, who are later cleared of all corruption charges at the behest of her replacement, Gregorio. Achtung, Spoiler zu NCIS: New Orleans bis einschließlich Staffel 2: Grund für den Ausstieg ist das Finale der 2. She and Pride are still trying to make their marriage work in the beginning of Season 1, but they finally separate and divorce amicably, mentioned at the beginning of Season 2. NCIS: LA stars praise Eric Christian Olsen as he shares new role [INSIGHT]NCIS Los Angeles season 12: Will Kensi and Deeks break up? In season two, Sebastian helps Meredith Brody uncover the conspiracy surrounding her sister's death. Why did Meredith Brody star Zoe McLellan really leave NCIS? Later, the connection is made that Stone was really working for AAG Eric Barlow. In Staffel 2 bekommt Meredith Fotos mit Hinweisen, die sie schließlich auf eine Internetseite für ungelöste Verbrechen führen. Abigail Borin (Diane Neal) is a Coast Guard Investigative Service Special Agent in Charge based out of the capital. Because of Cassius's old underworld experiences and connections, Dwayne sometimes consults with him on certain cases. Brody was a tall, thin woman in her late thirties, early forties with short brown hair and brown eyes. Savannah Kelly (Gillian Alexy) is a long-time love interest of LaSalle, and his "childhood sweetheart". During season one, he teams up with Sasha Broussard to take over the criminal underground of New Orleans left by the downfall of the Syndicate, and is responsible for multiple murders. Torres is a Special Agent assigned to NCIS's Major Case Response Team. Zoe McLellan, who played Special Agent Meredith “Merri’ Brody on “NCIS: New Orleans,” recently scored a big win in court after a judge ruled that she didn’t abduct her 5-year-old son when she moved him to Toronto so she could star in the Kiefer Sutherland drama “Designated Survivor,” The Blast reported. Karen Izzo (Sharon Conley) is an Assistant United States Attorney assigned to investigate Pride's team during NCIS: New Orleans's third season. They never answer. On a rooftop, Pride unties Stone, and is determined to let the man battle it out with him. Sydney Halliday steal Barlow's files on a jump drive, while Pride and his lawyer distract Barlow in his office. But the judge ruled that the move north was not child abduction and that McLellan wasn’t acting in bad faith. As well as this, she played Kendra Daynes in 21 episodes of the thrilling series Designated Survivor. Unnamed fatherOliva Brody (mother)Emily Anne Brody (twin sister; deceased)Unnamed ex-fiancé Sinclair commits suicide when he knows Pride is on to him, and Walker ends up succeeding him at Apollyon. A native of the East Bay and a graduate of Northwestern University and Mills College, she’s also a former hard-news and investigative reporter, covering crime and local politics. Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) is originally a Jefferson Parish forensic specialist, and Dr. Wade's lab assistant, though he later attends FLETC and joins Pride's team as a Forensics Agent. Meanwhile Pride ends up in the hands of Apollyon and its leader Avery Walker, who had earlier escaped from prison in New Orleans. Agent Naomi Parsons (Kate Beahan) is an Australian ADFIS Investigator seconded to New Orleans, and a romantic interest for Dwayne Pride, in the Season 2 episode "Foreign Affairs."

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