obsolete sentence

obsolete sentence

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defended by a few obsolete guns, although by the Union Treaty it is one of the four fortresses that must be maintained. The awareness that more and more resources are tied up in discarded and obsolete machinery is transmuted into a kind of glamor. For upwards of a hundred years it remained the chief source of information for the general reader, and is still not wholly obsolete. obsolete, new old stock spares and there is no guaranteed route for us obtaining these. This is largely obsolete now the NASA DEMs are freely available. In the typical group of the genus Phascolomys we find the following characters: - Fur rough and coarse; ears short and rounded; muzzle naked; postorbital process of the frontal bone obsolete; ribs fifteen pairs. Still the humanists effected a delivery of the intellect from what had become the bondage of obsolete ideas, and created a new medium for the speculative faculty. Examples of Obsolete in a sentence. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Collect, now obsolete, though the unanswered invitation, " Let us pray," still survives. A court-leet and court-baron used to be held half-yearly, but both are now obsolete. Sacramental confession is enjoined, but has recently become obsolete; prayers for the departed and invocation of saints form part of the services. The latter offence is dealt with by an act which still stands on the statute book, although it has long been virtually obsolete - the 9 & io Will. The fact that war has become obsolete is a new condition. -- Ordinary arithmetic books often contain references to local and customary weights and measures and to obsolete terms of no practical use to children. Removing and Avoiding Excess and Obsolete Inventory Excess and obsolete inventory is a constant problem for many companies ' balance sheets. View other definitions. In the Fundamental Constitution, adopted by the proprietary board in 1669 John Locke and Lord Ashley (1621-1683) prepared for the colony an elaborate feudal system of government which would have been obsolete even in Europe (see North Carolina). The neural laminae are broad, the spines almost obsolete, except in the seventh, and the transverse processes not largely developed. Geforce 4Ti's are not supported and are now closer to becoming obsolete as technology improves. Sure, antique shops and vintage stores may be one place to look, but as with many esoteric and obsolete items, the Internet may become your primary tool in located these specific Rialto purses. Old technology - when buying second hand or used solar panels, it is important to check and make sure that the technology is not obsolete. ACROGENAE (" growing at the apex"), an obsolete botanical term, originally applied to the higher Cryptogams (mosses and ferns), which were erroneously distinguished from the lower (Algae and Fungi) by apical growth of the stem. 2 The origin of the present constitution of Russia must be sought, not in this ancient and obsolete institution, but in the artificial constitution elaborated by Mikhail Speranski (q.v.) Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. The very purpose of war victory over others was defeated, rendered obsolete. Solar technology is moving forward so quickly, there have been significant developments over recent years that can make very old panels obsolete. The Rime in Vita e Morte di Madonna Laura cannot become obsolete, for perfect metrical form has here been married to language of the choicest and the purest. the writ de odio et acid, used as early as the 12th century to prevent imprisonment on vexatious appeals of felony, and the writ of mainprise (de manucaptione), long obsolete if not abolished in England but which it was attempted to use in India so late as 1870. elective); (2) the statement that Solon invented sortition for the office is put as the basis of a comparison (89ev, ern ye ov) and, therefore, may fairly be regarded as a hypothesis; (3) there is no indication that the change made in 487 B.C. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The officials charged with the administration of justice according to the shar are judges, called sheik/i-ui-islam and kazi (had/i, kadi or cadi of Arabs and Turks), members of the clergy appointed by the government and receiving a fixed salary, but some cities are without regular appointed judges and the title of cadi is almost obsolete; decisions according to the .char are given by all members of the clergy, ranging from ignorant mullahs of little villages and cantons to learned mujiahids of the great cities. Obviously the demand to overthrow the tsar was now obsolete. An approach that seeks to expand the concept of citizenship beyond national boundaries does not have to render the nation state obsolete. They're nearly obsolete but you may be able to order them through small optical shops if they're your preference. Before the advent of CT, staging laparotomy was required but this has now been rendered obsolete. The taking of oaths, the assigning of " conservatores pacis " and the giving of hostages are now obsolete, but revenue is mortgaged, territory is pledged, and treaties of guarantee are entered into for this purpose. Verona, which is the chief military centre of the Italian province of Venetia, is now being surrounded with a circle of forts far outside the obsolete city walls. obsolete przymiotnik . The policy adopted after 1890 of incorporating in the ordinary budget the expenditure on war, marine and public works, each under its own head, rendered the extraordinary budget obsolete, but there are still, besides the ordinary budget, budgets annexes, comprising the credits voted to certain establishments under state supervision, e.g.

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