persian baby girl names 2018

persian baby girl names 2018

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Huma is a Persian name meaning “lucky bird” or “phoenix”. Find 590 unique names in our collection from Persian origin. Persian Names for Girls Starting with N. Hey, Congratulations for your Newborn. The name Jazmine is an Arabic baby name. Persian parents can find a large variety of Persian Muslim Girls Names available online on this website. In the modern era it came into use during the 17th century. In Persian the meaning of the name Caspar is: Keeper of the treasure. The name means “petals of rose”. Origin of the name Roxanne: From the Greek Roxanē, which is believed to be derived from the Persian Roschana (dawn of day). Alternatively it could be a derivative of the name of the Near Eastern goddess ISHTAR. Jasmine. In Spanish the meaning of the name Ester is: Esther. Gulzaar. HamariWeb brings great opportunity to all Persian parents who are expecting a baby girl in future. Huma is famous as a legendary bird in Persian mythology. Variant Yasemin was the most popular name given to baby girls born in Turkey in 2008–2009. Our List of Persian Female Name with meanings will help you to sort out your ideas for selecting a perfect one. Note: To capture true popularity, our exclusive baby names list combines names that sound the same but have multiple spellings (like Sophia and Sofia, or Jackson and Jaxon). Possibly means "star" in Persian. Girls. Persian Girl Names. Means "treasurer" in Persian. The name Cyrus is a Persian baby name. All Persian Girl Names are specifically categorized according to Gender, Religion and Origin views. If you are searching for Persian Girl Names, you are in the right place. 'Myrtle leaf.' The #1 app for tracking pregnancy and baby growth. Persian baby names for boys and girls. In Arabic the meaning of the name Yasmeen is: Jasmine flower. Plus, get ideas from this year's list of alternatives to popular baby names, discover the hottest baby-naming trends, and see our predictions for up-and-coming names. It is derived from Persian یاسمن (yasamen) (which is also a Persian name). Looking for exclusive and pretty Persian Muslim Girl Names then you landed at right place. The Book of Esther in the Old Testament tells the story of Queen Esther, the Jewish wife of the king of Persia. Latin form of Ρωξανη (Roxane), the Greek form of the Persian or Bactrian name روشنک (Roshanak) which meant "bright" or "dawn". This resource provides information on baby names from 1890 to today. Sort: popular A - Z. filter: all girl boy unisex. 56. Jasmine is a feminine given name. The name Caspar is a Persian baby name. Muslim Meaning: The name Yaasmeen is a Muslim baby name. 54. In Persian the meaning of the name Cyrus is: From the Persian name Kurush, meaning throne. It refers to the scented flowering plant, jasmine. Arezoo Longed for. If you’re not sure about your baby’s sex, you have to peek at our top Persian names for boys as well! Darius is from the Greek masculine name Dareios which is a transliteration of a Persian name. The name Roxanna is a girl's name meaning "little star". In sixth century BC, King Cyrus the Great founded the Persian empire. Suggest Name. Related Names. Cyrus. Oliver and Layla both jumped into the top 10, pushing out Logan and Zoe. Our data comes from more than 742,000 parents who shared their baby's name with us in 2018. Xerxes I (or Xerxes the Great) succeeded his father, Darius I of Persia, to the throne in 485 BC. The name Jasmyne is an Arabic baby name. Meaning is disputed. 2 Zane - 2,014 Zane: Persian - Beloved. Omar. The king's advisor Haman persuaded the king to exterminate all the Jews in the realm. Margaret is a female first name, derived via French (Marguerite) and Latin (Margarita) from Greek Margarites, derived from the noun margaron meaning 'pearl'. VARIANTS: Jasmin, Jasmine, Jazmin, Jazmine, Jazmyn, Yasmin, Yasmine, Yazmin, Jessamine, Jessamyn. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. 55. Gulbarg is a beautiful Persian name for your baby girl. He is most famous for his military blunders in Greece, and for his lavish lifestyle. List of popular Persian names and meanings for male, female BabyCenter takes its huge database of names given to babies this year and combines names that have different spellings but, See name meaning, origin, popularity, and related names.

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