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But now I do! The Welsh are very funny - I love our little language … An example is LOL which is used by everyone to express 'Laughing out Loud' ( not lots of love like many parents interpreted the word. Feel free to add your own favourites in the comment section below! Nansi, noticing the similarity between the Welsh word 'ceiliog' (pronounced kayleeog) meaning"cockerel" or "rooster"and the surname,' Kellogg' , she suggested he use a picture of a cockerel on the Kelloggs Cornflake package and so the rest is history. Christine and Peter Broster (author) from Tywyn Wales UK on May 13, 2013: @anonymous: The Welsh word for jellyfish is "sglefrod" from what I understand but, like in English, the are more graphic ways of describing things. The front cover of the Welsh Interpreter, a 180-year-old phrasebook which has been unearthed by archivists to teach English tourists how to speak to Welsh "peasants". (not the ones that grow in the ground but, come to think of it, children do grow like plants. did not find them funny. I can't wait to try "popty ping" on my family and friends. 20 Basic Welsh Phrases You’ve Got to Know to Survive. "Cennin Pedr" or translated literally, "Peter's Leek", is commonly worn on St. David's Day on March 1st about the same time that daffodils either start appearing or are waving in all their glory, depending on whether it is an early or late Spring. 2. Us Welsh also have our very own language, and here are my top 10 funniest words and phrases within it. It turns out that their predictions were correct. 24 beautiful Welsh proverbs that show the language at its finest. Here are a selection of Welsh words and phrases with their English Translation. (A train station in Wales which actually has more letters than the officially recognised longest word in Welsh. Welsh is a very romantic language with its language steeped in poetry and longing (Hiraeth). Here are some useful Welsh phrases that may be useful if you are visiting Wales on holiday. It simply shows that the language lives. If you ever feel the earth move you are probably experiencing an earthquake which in Welsh is daeargryn. Christine and Peter Broster (author) from Tywyn Wales UK on July 20, 2019: There are slang words and vulgar words but these stand by themselves. Leave a comment - I love hearing from you. A collection of useful phrases in Welsh, a Celtic language spoken mainly in Wales and Patagonia. BrainyQuote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our … Trio (to try) is often used to replace 'ceisio' and licio (to like) is used instead of 'hoffi'. I would hate to have to learn English as a foreigner (bough, bow); (there, their, they're) - what a nightmare. Welsh Phrases Learn how to order a pint of beer in Welsh and some other less important phrases. 25 years ago was there as a tourist. To this day, popty ping is still my favourite Welsh word, though I was rather miffed to discover that microdon is actually the far more common term. We were driving and while looking at road signs and the map, we had to spell the beginnings of the words so that we could find where we were on the map. See more ideas about welsh sayings, welsh, wales england. Hubpages is where I explore my inner writer. Listening to a native Welsh speaker talking in the language is like hearing music. When we came outside, I had to explain to him that we were actually in a different country (we're from England), he didn't have a clue :). (How to pronounce the leter "ll" in Welsh). Flirting Quotes Dirty Flirting Tips For Girls Flirting Memes Funny Women Quotes Woman Quotes Welsh Sayings Welsh Language Language Quotes Funny Memes. Great lens, thanks! Jump to phrases. Thus there can be a poetic name, a Celtic name and very often a name closely related to English. Also trying to teach myself German but neither language is going well for me. Last year I heard a lady sing a song about her meeting with a Welshman. Su’mae is the very first greeting many Welsh … 1. "During one of her visits to America, she visited the home of William Keith Kellogg in Battle Creek, Michigan. "Codi cyn codi cwn Caer" - "get up before the dogs of Chester". Think I'm going to be calling all Jellyfish Wibli Wobli's now!Amy xTheNerdHotel, Ah I love these, they're definitely the first words I learnt in welsh, much more interesting than un dau tri...Lilies and Lipbalmxx, These are all so cute, I love popty ping! Although almost everyone in Wales is fluent in English, the Welsh language has a steadfast place in the country’s culture and history. we so have some brilliant words xx. The English man tells the Irish man and the welsh man to hide in burlap sacks and they all hide in the sacks The Nazi officer walks into the barn and kicks the first sack and the English man yells “Meow” and the nazi officer says “Must be a cat” “Tha’s lush, that is” / “I loves it” For when something is really nice (rarely used … I hope that you can read this, and that it makes sense to you. 1. Whether it's the translation of a Welsh word or phrase or the blending of Welsh and English, it becomes Wenglish and can result in some funny Welsh sayings. Love the sound of it, but reading the words, with my latin based reading skills, was tong twisting to say the least. The shopkeeper wished me luck with a chuckle and I've subsequently found that I really do need the luck. Gorsafawddachaidraigodanheddogleddollonpenrhynareurdraethceredigion, Llanhyfryddawelllehynafolybarcudprindanfygythiadtrienusyrhafnauole. ), (The unofficial name for the village of Llanfynydd in Carmarthenshire). English meaning: to … 1.Spigoglys – spee gog liss - Spinach. I have written a capsule entitled 'Dylan Thomas: Centenary which tells you a bit about the man and his works and includes some videos of the man himself reading his own works which you may find interesting. 17 Things Only Welsh People Say "Whose coat is that jacket?" I’ll be there now in a minute – I’ll be there soon, can’t tell you exactly how long … Welsh is a beautiful, ancient language. Wales is a beautiful country. Paul Levy from United Kingdom on August 24, 2017: Fab hub, very entertaining and informative. Su’mae! Welsh, also known as Cymric and the British tongue, is the native language of Wales and spoken somewhere in the United Kingdom and Argentina. The English man tells the Irish man and the welsh man to hide in burlap sacks and they all hide in the sacks The Nazi officer walks into the barn and kicks the first sack and the English man yells “Meow” and the nazi officer says “Must be a cat” It was amazing! If you can read this, then you sound right and are ready to go hiking in Wales with Christine and Peter Broster (author) from Tywyn Wales UK on August 24, 2013: @anonymous: Welsh is not an easy language to learn because of all the mutations but, keep with it; they say learning a foreign language keeps your brain active, anyway and everyday you will know a little more than the day before.

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