putin is well on his way to stealing the next election

putin is well on his way to stealing the next election

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Over the course of the next seven months, he tried to reach the city’s chief information officer, the Illinois governor’s office, and the Department of Homeland Security. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Given the fragility of American democracy, even the tiniest interference, or hint of interference, could undermine faith in the tally of the vote. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He began sending urgent warnings about the problem to every official email address he could find. The GRU had even tunneled into the computers of a small Florida company that sold software to election officials in eight states. Whoever criticizes capitalism, while approving immigration, whose working class is its. (I’m not sure which is worse.) That howl is echoing in the streets right now: in Minneapolis, in New York, in Washington, in Louisville. Change ). But the general is quite correct that it is up to us to decide if it will be just another station of the cross on the death march of democracy, or a decisive point at which we begin to reclaim our national soul. Now, when they want to, IRA trolls can make themselves inconspicuous. ), Maybe his theocratic base thrills to that sort of spectacle, since their gullible belief that this walking embodiment of the seven deadly sins is an icon of piety already renders their judgment suspect. Great letter from the SMA! Recalling Mattis and Kelly ’s reported “babysitting” pact, it’s tempting to think we are seeing a reverse military coup d’etat, in which sensible generals save us from a power-mad civilian leader. Will Trump Ever Leave Office (Even If He Loses in 2020)? Trump asserted that the president can order his staff not to obey a subpoena from a special counsel, or even from Congress—a Republican president anyway—and no one with any real power pushed back, and now it’s the new normal. The Russians could have strolled through the same door as they had in 2016. That comes at the end of three years of him eroding our trust in our democratic institutions, and eroding the institutions themselves. But the whole premise is wrong. A subreddit for those who gravitate to the middle. Given the fragility of American democracy, even the tiniest interference, or hint of interference, could undermine faith in the tally of the vote. He thinks that power looks like unidentified troops on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or guarding the White House…..The fact that these troops are refusing to identify themselves, that they’re unmarked, is absolutely terrifying to me. Will we look back even more ruefully on 2012, and the dawn of Obama’s second term, as we realize that it was our last real presidential election before the US became an autocracy, a one-party sham democracy conquered by the Russian Federation in the most successful intelligence operation in human history? Ah, but Anne, we already know that they will do all those things, because they are in the midst of doing them now, aggressively, even as we speak. Donald Trump doesn’t respect the Constitution anymore. Racial division erodes that trust. But for everyone else in America, it may prove to be the single most emblematic display of all that is wrong and wrongheaded about Trump, including the fact that he himself couldn’t understand what the problem was. Events in the United States have unfolded more favorably than any operative in Moscow could have ever dreamed: Not only did Russia’s preferred candidate win, but he has spent his first term fulfilling the potential it saw in him: Discrediting American institutions, rending the seams of American culture, and isolating a nation that had styled itself as indispensable to the free world. A Twitter campaign alleging voting irregularities was queued. What else? Ms. Applebaum talked about Trump’s efforts to take nonpartisan governmental institutions like the DOJ, the courts, the FBI, CIA, and the military and try to make them into entities that owe personal loyalty to him alone, not the state. Thread: Putin is well on his way to stealing our next election. So the benefit of the doubt that has long been granted to Mr. Bill—the alleged insitutionalist, in spite of his participation in Iran/contra even before he became Trump’s consigliere—continues, notwithstanding his rampant criminality since. Dershowitz?). : What comes next is the attempt to steal an election. Even without interventions from abroad, it is shockingly easy to imagine how a pandemic might provide a pretext for indefinitely delaying an election or how this president, narrowly dispatched at the polls, might refuse to accept defeat. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Show of hands: in light of the events of the past week, who here thinks Trump intends to graciously hand over power should he lose on November 3rd? ), In Foreign Affairs, retired Marine General John Allen was one of those firing a figurative warning shot, taking off from the episode at St. John’s. AYFKM?). I would argue that what happened on June 1 was hardly the beginning of that slide. But we have not seen an appropriate reaction from Congress. She then talked about this “performance of fascism“ as a prelude to the real thing: A power grab always begins as a performance. Yet the hashtag is worth pausing over for a moment, because, though it was never put to its intended use, it remains an apt title for a mission that is still unfolding. And there may never be a moment quite so ripe for taking the old hashtag out of storage and giving it a triumphalist turn. It suggested that the site was vulnerable to those with less beneficent intentions than his own, that they could read and perhaps even alter databases listing the names and addresses of voters in the country’s third-largest city.

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