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For example, Walmart’s own Walmart Rewards Mastercard has a $0 annual fee and it earns an impressive 1.25% on every purchase made in the store. Cards with higher rates often come with annual fees of $99 or more. Loving the Tangerine Credit Card, this is also a great article summing up all the benefits (including a couple I hadn’t thought about!) Tangerine Bank is a jack of all banking trades, but master of none. There’s no fee on the Rogers card in the 1st year, and if your a Rogers customer, you can put your bill on the card and never pay any annual fee after the first year. Where can I find the list of merchant names for each category (gas, grocery, etc.) How do I activate my Tangerine credit card? Share on Reddit The Tangerine MasterCard gives you 0.50% cash back on all purchases, but up to 2% cash back on two of 10 unique spending categories. We’re often harping this point to cardholders who will send us a full list of their most visited stores and ask us to recommend them cards that offer the most value in cash back or rewards at the stores listed. Can anyone please comment on what kind of credit limits are possible with tangerines MC? In your case, it sounds like Tangerine didn’t see your specific recurring bill as eligible for 2.00% cash back under the Recurring Bills cash back category. Unfortunately, i can’t find another credit card offering what Tangerine was offering. Rarely will you see lost luggage, travel medical, trip cancellation, or trip interruption insurance on a no fee card. Both are excellent options: Tangerine Money Back Credit Card However, when compared to the fees charged by traditional Canadian banking institutions, Tangerine’s fees are much lower. Not all merchants offer recurring payments, and not all ongoing payments will be considered “recurring payments” for purposes of this category. My conclusion: nice card for local (homeland) shopping. People Who Don’t Like Annual Fees: With no annual fee, and superb cash back rewards delivered automatically, there’s no reason not to give this card a try – especially with the $. or fee after a year? Read more about the Tangerine Money Cash Back Credit Card here. Then use Tangerine for 2% on restaurants, transportation & home improvement. But if you’re looking for the best high interest and GIC savings options in Canada, then EQ Bank is our top ranked bank in Canada. Enjoy! So, what makes it such a great pick? **Insurance coverage is underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida (ABIC). Thank you. How Debt Consolidation Affects Credit Score. Thanks for your comment and the report on your purchases from Walmart. The average person would no clue as to what their options are until the results start coming in. I was approved quicky. It shouldn’t come as a shock that more and more Canadians from all generations are taking the time to look into online banking and. The Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card comes with many perks including cash back, no annual fee and an optional balance transfer offer. This is a good credit card but Beware. Choose something else if you’re looking for a flat-rate of cash back. Now looking gonna have to look for a new Mastercard card again. Sorry for the rant I hope this is helpful for you too as you promoted this as the best card on the market. The Tangerine Mastercard category system has big flaws. In trying to resolve this their customer service agents and the manager I dealt with were pretty brutal. Required fields are marked *. There is no charge for a reprint of your current monthly statement. If you’re running the clock on an upcoming payment and believe it’ll happen late, then sometimes you’ll need to eat the late fees. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know, I used to use the RBC cash back card but Tangerine has better rates on the savings, better cash back %’s and more flexibility. Cards with higher rates often come with annual fees of $99 or more. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Can’t even close my account unless I made full payment. Credit. Most of their reps don’t even understand simple sentences. The Tangerine World Mastercard® builds on the already popular Tangerine Money Back Credit Card, by adding a suite of premium World Mastercard Benefits, all while maintaining the generous cashback rewards, with no annual fee. We break down the online bank’s offerings and see how it stacks up against its competitors. Interest rates on purchases and balance transfers, Promotional balance transfer rate of 1.95%, Other perks of the Tangerine Money Back card. If the Tangerine Mastercard isn’t collecting 2.00% cash back, and you’ve got the Grocery purchase category activated as one of your two options, then that’s truly unfortunate. While it doesn’t offer as high of cash back as other cards, the zero fees, and extra perks more than make up for it. See the Tangerine Credit Card Cardholder Agreement for more information about how we apply payments to your Account. If you love earning credit card rewards, you may be familiar with the concept of personalized cashback categories. Unfortunately, there is no 2% category for wholesale / Costco. Let us know what you’re thinking. Plus I get a paper statement (for 4 months) after signing up for electronic billing every month. Furthermore, at the point of publication, we do our best to ensure the information we produce is accurate, however, sometimes prices and terms of the products are changed by the provider without notice to us. The Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card is a no annual fee cash back Tangerine credit card that allows you to earn cash back in up to three spending categories of your choice. . What if I’m denied the Tangerine Credit Card? Plain walmart, dollarama, Sears do not qualify for 2% category. We'd love to chat, but our Associates are all chatting away with other Clients right now. Be at least 18 years of age, or the age of majority in your province or territory of residence. The only problem is which category would it fall into to get the 4% as opposed to 1%? Of course, that assumes you spend enough to justify the Scotia Momentum annual fee of $99. it occurs in consistent and predictable time periods) will be eligible for the 2.00% rate on “recurring bills”, but there is a caveat Tangerine programs into its fine print. In fact, Tangerine’s list of grocery store SIC codes it covers is no different, if not a little better, than every other card. That cash back will then be deposited back to the credit card statement, or, you can choose to deposit it into your Tangerine Savings Account. They relied on the merchant to code what category they are in. How is interest calculated on my Tangerine credit card? The 10 Tangerine categories offer a lot of variety: By thinking ahead and selecting the right categories, consumers can really stow away some extra cash. You’ll get Walmart Rewards Dollars which are, logically, redeemable at Walmart.ca or at the register. Those looking to buy new furniture stand to earn back a healthy percentage. If you make purchases in a foreign currency, that gets bumped up to 4.00%–a great deal for a no-fee credit card. However, what if $750 of that $1,000 is spent on gas and groceries? Give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at1-888-826-4374. With the Amazon card, you only net 1% cash back on foreign purchases. Leave a comment below letting me know what you use your credit card for, and if there are any other financial reviews you’d like me to do next!

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