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YOU'RE NO FUCKIN' COP! [Scene cuts to French strangling his wife]. Dignam: Good, she's tired from fuckin' my father. “What's wrong with this fucking country? That's what they don't tell you in the church. I came to talk sense into you. Married guy seems more stable. They're like fuckin' Indians. It's okay. Wahlberg plays Dignam, a blunt and vicious cop who works as a handler for Billy Costigan (DiCaprio). Comment. Colin Sullivan: Hey, whoa! Prove it! When his department is liaising with the FBI on their case against Costello, Dignam shows that he has even less respect for the feds than he does for anyone else. Matt is the Culture Editor at Esquire where he covers music, movies, books, and TV—with an emphasis on all things Star Wars, Marvel, and Game of Thrones. Today, what I'm saying to you is this: when you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference? Costello: You know, if your father were alive, and he saw you here sitting with me, let's say he would have a word with me about this. For instance, I look at you and I think, "What could I use you for?". And I think about this. “When you decide to be something, you can be it. You're gonna close my file? tags: death, death-of-a-loved-one, love. Remake of the Hong Kong movie Internal Affairs and based on Irish mobster Whitey Bulger, who was still on the run at the time of the film. I always enjoy keeping up with the latest films in theaters as well as discovering some hidden gems I may have overlooked. Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. 10 Times A Child Sidekick Actually Saved The Day, 7 Thanksgiving Horror Movies To Watch, Ranked According to IMDb, Marvel: 5 Romances That Ended Too Soon (& 5 That Didn't End Soon Enough), 5 Ways Gladiator Was Historically Accurate (& 5 Ways It Wasn’t), The Dark Matter of Love: 10 Facts The Documentary Leaves Out, Harry Potter: 5 Film Characters Most Similar To Their Book Counterpart (& 5 That Missed The Mark), 28 Days Later: 10 Facts Fans Never Knew About The Zombie Classic, Top 10 Oldest Movies Ever Made (& Their IMDb Score), Every Christmas & Holiday Movie On Netflix In November 2020, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone: All Deleted Scenes, Ranked, Twilight: Bella Swan's 5 Best Traits (& 5 Worst), 15 Greatest Claymation Movies Of All Time, Ranked, Every "Scary Movie" In The Franchise Ranked, According To Rotten Tomatoes, Star Wars: Why Luke Is The Quintessential Hero (& Vader Is A Perfect Villain), Lord Of The Rings: Everything We Know About Kubrick & The Beatles' Unproduced Adaptation. Act accordingly." Dignam: Guaran-fucking-teed. Sullivan: Frank...Frank...Frank. Dignam: What's the matter, smart-ass, you don't know any fucking Shakespeare? A married guy seems more stable. When I was your age they would say we can become cops, or criminals. Colin Sullivan: Cui gives a shit? Frank Costello: I just said he had a fucking problem. Mr. French: I f***ing know you. Maybe not. May he rest in peace. Departed Quotes . When I was your age they would say we can become cops, or criminals. You did, didn't you? Maybe f*** yourself. Frank Costello: [Discussing Billy with Mr. French] Do you trust him? You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The 15 Best Scary Christmas Movies of All Time, A Brief History of James Bond's 007 Designation, Scotland Calls Bullshit on Trump's Connery Story, 5 Sean Connery Films That Aren't James Bond, Hollywood Mours Sean Connery: 'A Legend On Screen, Sean Connery Was So Much More Than James Bond. Colin Sullivan: Do you got fucking tapes? Are you calling us cunts? It's almost a f***in' feudal enterprise. Who put the f***ing cameras in this place? You have different accents? Lantern size- 28x15x15cm For indoor use only. Why don't you just give me a bottle of scotch and a handgun to blow my f***ing head off! I don't just can't trust a guy who acts like he's got nothing to lose. Nobody knows nothin'. Not where some guy from John Hancock goes every Thursday TO GET A F***ING BLOWJOB! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. So tell me, what's a lace-curtain motherf***er like you doing in the Staties? Dignam: I'm tired from fuckin' your wife. Share. How far will you take it? But I don't wanna be you, Frank. They took over their piece of the city. You send him off on the street to score smack, is that what you do? Dignam: Pfft! Mr. French: ...Well, she got reliable. Costigan: Look... look, I'm having panic attacks, alright? It lets people know you're not a homo. [Costigan strikes him with his gun and cuffs him]. And I think if I was Sigmund fuckin' Freud I wouldn't get an answer. Queenan: We won't be working together, that is, directly. What's the matter, smart ass? Wahlberg's Dignam is such an entertaining character, we could watch an entire movie featuring him insulting various people. From the opening moments of the film, Nicholson's Frank Costello is made out to be a compelling and intimidating character. Like. Free Daily Quotes. One kid with your old man, one kid with your mother. The Departed is the acclaimed gangster movie that won Martin Scorsese his first Oscar. People see the ring, they think 'at least somebody can stand the son of a bitch.' It is clear that Dignam has no regard for the chain of authority or for showing respect to those who might be in higher positions of power than he is. Think about it: The movie, a Martin Scorsese classic, is a decade old. I--. Costigan: School? Madolyn: I just think we should have a few more meetings before we even talk about prescriptions. Frank Costello: [yelling] Are you still a cop? How true are these words... " I thought of you yesterday but that is nothing new. Three-decker men at best. I got that right? Costello: I know about you, Colin. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen, Vera Farmiga are all still as famous as they ever were—more even. Quotations from movies are repeated all the time in other movies, on television, in speeches and in day-to-day life, so having a good knowledge of good movie … [the man looks startled]. Subscribe An undercover cop and a mole in the police attempt to identify each other while infiltrating an Irish gang in South Boston. Ellerby: Yeah, but cui bono? Frank Costello: [walks away] We all are. I'm not the f***ing rat, okay? The 10 Best Quotes From The Departed. I'm f***ing out of here. Frank Costello: What about your wife, Arnie? Sullivan: You're an FBI informant? One kid with your old man, one kid with your mother. 'Cause I'll give you the fuckin' answer, all right? Billy calmly responds, "I am killing you.". Staff Sergeant Dignam: Like a 12-year-old's dick. FUCK YOU! Is that what this is about? The Character Quotes / The Departed (2006) / Madolyn. This list of great movie quotes, with movie clips, from The Departed collects all of the most famous lines from the film in one place, allowing you to pick the top quotes and move them up the list. Look at me. TI-412 Goodbyes are not forever tile with vinyl Lettering, home and living, decor and housewares, gift ideas, bereavement, sympathy quote, Memorial lantern complete with text on the front and 2 sides. Send. So I'm gonna make a f***in' ruling on this right now: you don't f***ing hit him. The Departed is a 2006 film that follows three men: a crooked cop, the Irish mob boss he works for, and a straight cop that goes undercover to reveal them both.

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