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the four marys comic

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The Four Marys was the longest story the comic ran - drawn by artist Barrie Mitchell, it spanned right from its creation in 1958 to its end in 2001. Then, just for some levity, ‘Lydia and the Little People’ featured a girl enslaved by leprechauns. I recall crying buckets over it as a kid. The Bunty Comic Limited Edition Stamp The Four Marys were Fieldy (Mary Field), Cotty (Mary Cotter), Simpy (Mary Simpson) and Raddy (Mary … They were mainly comic strips, three to five pages long and were interspersed with regular magazine features: letters pages, promotions and adverts and previews for the following week. Which animals are best suited to surviving in snow? This was one of the beautiful things about Bunty – the way it could make a complete switch between grittily realistic narratives based on historical facts and absolutely bonkers scenarios based on, well – who knows what the author was thinking? ha-ha. ‘Boyfriend from Blupo’ – decidedly on the ‘fairly mad’ end of the realism scale, this one featured a girl looking for a boyfriend who then finds one, although he is actually an alien. omg me too!! Hi Ursula! Never ever forgot it . I really enjoyed The Four Marys: A Quartet of Contemporary Folk Tales. They attended the girls-only St. Elmo’s boarding school in fictional Elmbury and while the Mary’s first names were the same, the girls’ backgrounds and personalities were supposedly very different. Team » Four Marys appears in 8 issues. And yes, they too sometimes appear to be stuck in a time warp behaving like stroppy teenagers. I would love a scanned copy of the story if you still are able to do that? As an avid Bunty devourer in the early 1980s, however, my favourite part was always the back page: a doll you could cut out and dress in her own paper clothes. Follow Knitting Friends in the Park on Hi there, you brought me back in time a million years!! Fieldy was a tom-boy, which was 1950’s speak for a girl who was good at sport and Cotty was a shy, gentle and sweet girl, i.e. These always had great names: ‘The Strange Changes in Jenny Jones’; ‘Fearless Flo – Stunt Girl’; ‘Galloping Gran’ etc., which invited you to dive in and read more. It'll grab you by the gut and pull you in. The Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize 2015 Longlist, 17 Contemporary Short Story Collections to Devour. ( Log Out /  Loved Bunty. This story made a strong impression on me and I would like to have a copy of it. The moment I saw that black and red picture- red as the blood in which we all come into the world, the blood which symbolises life and death- I knew I had to make it mine. Any Collectors? Like the Marys, our Margarets are all very different and have nicknames: Margaret who has been a member of our group since the very start is sometimes referred to as Alison’s Margaret, then there are Irish Margaret, Scottish Maggie and Cornish Maggie. Penny’s Place shut up shop at the end of the 90s but readers clamoured for it to come back – and D.C. Thomson obliged by publishing the entire story again from the beginning. The storylines were commonly centred on the day-to-day lives of the four girls at the school; these could be to do with their studies, their teachers or the other girls they shared the space with, although occasionally they strayed into stranger territory and the four Ms (which, if they weren’t, definitely sounds like something they would have called themselves) would be confronted by ghostly figures or other implausible plots. I especially liked the first story as I am very fond of the folk lore of the selkie. Rafferty’s wring is engaging and well-written. I thought it offered a good range of thematically linked tales. I've tried really, really hard to remember the stories but the cut out thingeys really bring it all back ! Many magazines for girls have come and gone over the years, but one of the most endearing had to have been Bunty. That was about 55 years ago but it still warms my heart to remember my Mum coming in from her cleaning job with my Bunty in her bag. you said it all. Magical, dramatic, thought provoking, disturbing in parts, this collection doesn't pull any punches. Old Console and Computers. I loved the cut out doll and clothes. Ursula, Hi there! What films have you been watching lately.. What Was Your Favourite Thing About Christmas When You Were Young. Mary Beaton was the daughter of the head of Mary’s household, who accompanied her, and the others were the daughters of the three noble families closest to … Could you please also tell me what year it appeared in the bounty annual? The four Marys was a fantastic read, beautifully written with captivating stories that have a magical quality even with their dark and often disturbing themes. Obsession, longing, deceit and even murder feature in this quartet of provocative novellas, which gives a modern twist to tales of women for whom all is not necessarily as it seems. You’d have thought that someone would have noticed them still at school after all that time but perhaps no-one bothered as long as the fees continued to be paid. ); a fantastic maths student, she rose above her working class upbringing by winning a scholarship to St. Elmo’s. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Well in 1978 I had the wonderful chance to get a ring designed to the same spec as the ring I had from the Bunty comic. that started when the magazine began and ran in it until Bunty packed up her skies/skateboard/ice skates. If you don’t recognise these strips, then the chances are you’ve never picked up a British girls’ comic… Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. We’d love your help. From the other end of the status scale was Mary Simpson (or ‘Simpy’ – they didn’t have to reach too far in their imagination for nicknames, did they?

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