weatherby mark v identification

weatherby mark v identification

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The case of the belt still measured .535 in (13.6 mm). Introduced in 1998. (PFI is the abbreviation for Precision Founders, Inc. -- a California firm that supplied the receivers for Weatherby. Weight about 6.5 lbs. Similar to above model, with lightened components. HERE is the INTERESTING part: The gun has a serial number that has 3 regular sized numbers.....then at the beginning of those three numbers there are two more numbers that are smaller in size. Breach pressure was found to be between 85,000–95,000 psi (5,900–6,600 bar). Stock is Claro walnut, with Monte Carlo comb. The bolt is shorter and is considerably lighter than the 9 Lug/Magnum design. [1], Walter Howe, the editor of the American Rifleman Magazine suggested the Mathewson Tool Company of New Haven which had worked with Winchester, Remington and the U.S. Government designing and building prototypes. The first year german made mark V's were 1959 with serial number range 20001 - 22000 (according to this sites chart) although it does say approximate. White Ballistics Laboratory and to General Julian Hatcher to elicit their opinion of the design. Shortly after production began in Germany, the bolt body was fluted to provide further positive feeding and extraction of the cartridges. These rifles were made by PFI and J.P. Sauer & Sohn in the early 1960s. German made Mark V value/collectability...NEED HELP. The head space had increased from .2163 in (5.49 mm) to .2174 in (5.52 mm). [1], While several companies bid on the contract, Weatherby settled on Precision Foundry Inc. (PFI) of Leandro, California in 1957. Another firm, Gardner Machine Co. of Hollywood, California, would finish all these parts to their final dimensions and Picco Industries of Sierra Madre, California would manufacture the magazine floorplate catch, the trigger sear and the thumb safety. This shorter bolt lift allows for the increased clearance between the bolt handle and any accessories such as scopes that may be mounted on the rifle and arguably provides for faster cycling of the action. Fully adjustable trigger. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts. 1960 would have included my serial number 22000-29000 but the gun says it was shipped to the US gun shop in Dec. 1959 according to the certificate of authenticity from Weatherby. A forum for collectors of Weatherby firearms. The rifle was shown to Elgin Gates who suggested that the rifle be named the Mark V. This fifth prototype was designed and built with the assistance of Fred Jennie, an engineer hired by Roy Weatherby. Weight about 5.75 lbs. Yes, the Mark V was made in Southgate, California from 1958-1959. Features similar to Arroyo, with lighter weight (5.5 to 6.75 lbs.). The 9 Lug design features a bolt head with nine locking lugs arranged in three rows with each row having three locking lugs. All other dimensions had stayed constant. for Magnum rifles. In 1955 Schultz & Larson actions were added to the mix while adding the Mathieu left handed action to his rifle action line up. NOTE: Add $60 for Magnum calibers. Further as an extra safety measure he required an enclosed or shrouded bolt sleeve that would prevent the hot gases making their way through the bolt mechanism to the shooter’s face. The Varmintmaster action was later used in the Weatherby Mark V Silhouette handgun as well. While the Weatherby Mark V action has remained the virtually unchanged from the original design of Fred Jennie and Roy Weatherby which is a testament to the longevity of the design. [1], Weatherby’s requirements included a bolt face which was countersunk into the bolt which would enclose the cartridge's casehead while the bolt head was enclosed in a counterbored barrel breach which in turn would prevent the casehead from rupturing. No Photo Available. J.P. Sauer made all of them, except for some that were assembled in Southgate, California in the Weatherby shop. WEATHERBY, MARK V SOUTHGATE, 270 WBY MAG, 24' BBL, EJECTORS, SINGLE TRIGGER, BEAUTIFUL COLOR STREAKED WALNUT, PISTOL, MC COMB, ROSEWOOD GRIPCAP, TIP, LOP 13 3/8, 9LBS 7OZ WITH SCOPE, 97% BLUE, WOOD 98 ...Click for more info. Ever since Roy Weatherby began manufacturing rifles he had to rely on a third party to provide the actions for his rifles. The action features a shorter one piece bolt of a smaller diameter than the 6 Lug/Standard design. Can any of you Weatherby collectors/historians shed any light on this? Like the Varmintmaster which predates the 6 Lug/Standard action design it features six locking lugs arranged in two rows. With five European companies supplying actions, the frequent trips made to Europe left him little time to run the day-to-day business operations in South Gate, California. Magnum plus .270 Win., .308 Win. It was more streamlined and had a more simplified trigger and safety which would lead to lower manufacturing and tooling costs. Magnum. NIB: Exc: V.G. At this time Weatherby had been looking for someone to provide the technical design, drawings and specifications for the design of his new action. [2], In 1956 Weatherby visited Europe in an attempt to find a supplier for the Mark V action. To Weatherby, the safety and strength of the design were paramount. [1], Roy Weatherby had been disappointed by the length of time that was taken discussing and negotiating before coming to an agreement with his European manufacturing partners. It was found that both bullets exited the barrel. Looks like 1960 numbers should start around 23000 rather than 22000. The 6 Lug design has been only available in non-Weatherby cartridges and was offered beginning with the .30-06 Springfield and the .270 Winchester cartridges. The move was a result of increased costs of production in Europe and Howa could make the rifles cheaper. I simply dont know but it makes a great story. First of all ....I want to thank you for the reply. Although the strength of the actions was never compromised, fit and finish suffered. From Weatherby Custom Shop. Carbine version offered, with 20" barrel in .243, 7mm-08 and .308. In 1958 Fred Jennie visited the Sauer plant in Eckernfoerde Germany to help with the setup process. When the case was tapped out it was found to be in good condition except for its pierced primer. The Weatherby Mark V Gets a Makeover. The bolt body, including the handle is made of a single piece of machined steel. Synthetic stock. Prior to my post.....I only found my Blue book (32nd edition by S.P.FJestad) which I am told is a very current, reliable, and commonly used reference book. Magnum to .340 Wby. Furthermore the delivery of component parts by PFI had been irregular which led to a backlog of orders. Subsequent testing was performed using the same 180 gr (12 g) bullet and using a powder charge of Du Pont #4350 which increased by increments of 2 gr (0.13 g) for each test thereafter. Seller: Safari Outfitters Ltd. Area Code: 845 . J.P. Sauer made them from late 1959-1972. This in turn would lead to hot gases making their way through the bolt and into the shooter's face and eyes and causing injuries to his customers. Steyr-Daimler-Puch, which had been manufacturing the Mannlicher rifle, was eager to work with Weatherby, but the high cost of the initial tooling charges of $200,000 was found to have been too excessive. [3], Weatherby had intended that the new action would be the safest and strongest bolt action available. The lug arrangement allows for 54° bolt lift. Offered in a wide variety of calibers from .240 Wby. While these action types could easily withstand a high pressure of about 70,000 C.U.P, he felt that one which would have the capability of handling 200,000 C.U.P. In Sauer & Sohn fand Weatherby einen Partner, welcher sein Mark 5 System fertigte. The action type was shown to Burt Munhall of H.P. Schultz & Larsen, which had been building the .378 Weatherby Magnum, was also contacted, but due to an anticipated rise in labor costs Weatherby had to keep looking elsewhere. Synthetic stock, with Monte Carlo comb. Carbine version offered, with 20" barrel in .243, 7mm-08 and .308. This load provided 65,000 psi (4,500 bar) of pressure. Carbine version also available. MARK V LIGHTWEIGHT RIFLES. The 1958-1959 rifles with serial numbers from 15000-16224 are "pre-JP Sauer", and commonly known as Southgate Mark V's, or PFI Mark V's. Measurements of the spent case showed that the case had stretched at the belt a mere .0005 in (0.013 mm).[2]. would fare better with the Weatherby line of cartridges. Nevertheless, some refinement to the design has occurred over time. (Mostly custom grade rifles, but also others assembled when the shop had extra time available). The gun is in beautiful condition and actually came with a certificate of authenticity. Weight about 6 lbs. A test was conducted with a 220 gr (14 g) bullet lodged in the bore of rifle and a 180 gr (12 g) grain bullet was fired into the back of this bullet. Weight about 6.75 lbs. $1,950.00 . Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. Fully adjustable trigger. The 9 Lug Mark V action is currently available in rifles chambered for Weatherby calibers. This is due in part to Roy Weatherby who presented the rifles to royalty, politicians, gun writers and actors including Prince Abdorreza Pahlavi of Iran, Generals James Doolittle (USAF) and Chuck Yeager (USAF), Jack O'Connor, Warren Page, Elgin Gates and Lorne Greene and was able to use this fact as a marketing tool. The fifth test conducted used a load of 90 gr (5.8 g) of Du Pont 4350. Synthetic stock, with Monte Carlo comb. The Standard Mark V action is only available in rifles chambered for non-Weatherby cartridges. Iron sight included on some models. The rifle was introduced in 1957 by Weatherby and was designed to safely contain the high pressures associated with the Weatherby line of high performance cartridges. [2], Roy Weatherby had found the Mauser-type wanting due to the case head not being completely enclosed and supported within the breech. A little later the FN Sako Mauser actions were added to action types used by Weatherby to build his rifles.

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