who killed ben in revenge

who killed ben in revenge

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He proceeds to crack a joke asking if she wanted to hear about his 6 months of undercover work seeing that he always repeats it. Keanu knows Ben was responsible for the logistics of Martin’s murder attempt and could be luring him to his death. Ben asks Jack why he wanted to be a cop and teases him about his arrest. This page contains a list of characters who died in Revenge, how they died, who killed them, and in what episode. In "Allegiance", Aiden and Nolan located Oscar Chapman, who has been masquerading as a woman. In "Damage", Jack finds out and is angry at Ben, threatening him that if he continues he will request for a new partner. They fight each other with Aiden winning, though he lets Daniel live in order to give him a second chance. After Jack calms hum down, he notices they are on a date. Jack finds Ben in the garage. This created enough chaos for Aiden to break free, grab a gun, and run after Dmitri. They met again to make Niko gave a message to Emily, not to do anything rash. Oscar told Aiden that Pascal LeMarchal had killed his father and made it look like a suicide (Aiden beloved Trevor committed suicide because he couldn't face his role in the downing of Flight 197). order back issues and use the historic Daily Express When Emily arrives he starts flirting with her, telling her "I forgot you were a Juvie girl", which Jack told him. Aiden Mathis (born 1984 - Fall 2013) was Emily’s former boyfriend and a student with her under Satoshi Takeda. He had a former romantic interest in Amanda Clarke. He also helps Jack and David help rescue Victoria and Emily from Malcolm Black. He was in a meeting with Conrad when Victoria calls about Kara's survival. Will Ben and Callum survive Keanu’s revenge plan or will the mechanic kill them both? But, when the mechanic was told Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) had left the Square, he decided to return to EastEnders to get revenge on the family that ruined his life. Aiden left home at 16 since he was miserable with living bad memories. Aiden looking after his new life with Emily. In "Hatred", Aiden receive the surprise of Niko who told him that would stay in Nolan's house with him. Whilst scanning car's speed they discuss Emily and Amanda. After Aiden makes it clear that he is there for Emily, they make up and rekindle their relationship. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. By Resurrection, Aiden is at the Hamptons and watching Emily from afar. Emily returns to her care and scares him. He suspects him to be the man who broke into Emily's house and calls her to identify him in a line up. After failing his own mission to save his sister, and realizing that revenge on the man who killed her brought him no peace of mind, Aiden realized that the path of vengeance goes nowhere and tried to save Emily from the pain by convincing her to abandon her quest for revenge, which he failed. The mechanic gave Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) a huge shock last week when he turned up and asked her to run away with him. He told her not to trust the Graysons and they kissed. After Jack finds out it is David Clarke in the line up, he tries to warn Emily, but Ben does not let him under protocol. Emily told Pascal he would hear back to Paris, but instead she would lure him to Aiden, who wanted to kill him to avenge his father. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Aiden has apparently returned from his failed mission, and now he is bent on getting Emily on the right track. In "Power", Aiden is contacted by Helen, who claims that the Initiative have been keeping Colleen alive since he killed Dmitri in 2006 and that they will be needing his assistance later. Initially planned to be the patsy for the Americon Initiative in the Grayson Global bombing, he is cleared of terrorism and the Initiative instead pass the blame onto Nolan Ross. Ben then rushed around the Square to try and find ways to get the money he needed but to no avail. It’s David Clarke. They find a infinity times infinity symbol carved on the wall. As Takeda's proxy, Aiden gains access to Grayson Global. In "Kindred", Emily shows up to Ben's doorstep late at night unexpected. However, he is later arrested when trying to cross the border into Canada and is taken back to New York, where he is questioned about the Grayson Global bombing. When Emily wakes up, Aiden tries to comfort her more, but she tells him that her father lied to her about Kara's death to protect her. It has become evident that Aiden is not only a skilled fighter, but also quite an actor, liar, and manipulator. In "Endurance", Aiden met with Niko to plan a way to sneak Emily out of the Manor but she refused. He pulls out a knife and stabs Conrad, who is left bleeding in the middle of an isolated road in the dead of night.. Victoria smothered Aiden to death and has his body placed in a sitting position on Emily's couch. At the party, he sees Emily and shows his interest and asks why Jack is not with her. Ben finds out Mostrowski won money in Atlantic City, but claims he didn't win, rather said he did to cover up his reason for retiring. As it turns out, the earlier beating was just an act to throw off suspicion now that he’s helping Conrad escape. When he tries to console Emily again, she coldly tells him that she merely needed someone and he happened to be there, and that it meant nothing. Framing Vince as Conrad's killer. Aiden reveals to Conrad that somebody tried to kill him. He also learns that Padma Lahari, NolCorp's CFO, is digging up and talking to the Graysons about David Clarke's contract with Nolan Ross, and Grayson Global's possible connection to NolCorp. He made Lydia get out of the wedding to protect Emily. He gives her a key to a villa in Capri they talked about going to together and leaves. At the behest of Emily, Nolan gives Aiden the check David Clarke wrote him to give to Daniel in order cement his takeover of his father’s company. They return to Emily's house where he tries to touch her hair/ face. His father, Trevor Mathis, then a luggage carrier at Heathrow Airport, was the one who planted the bomb on Flight 197, presumably having been forced to do so by the Initiative. Despite, being outside, Aiden hears the conversation and reports back to Emily. Colleen was kidnapped and forced into prostitution by a Russian mobster named Dmitri. Aiden also had an older sister, Colleen, whom Aiden saw being taken away as a child one week before the bombing (it's probable that the Initiative held her hostage to force her father to assist them). In a fit of anger, Aiden partly blames Emily for not being able to stop his sister's apparent death. Jack says they were friends and knew each other at juvie. Ben is confused as to why Jack does not want to reunite with David Clarke. Again, Aiden asked Nolan for a favor to keep from Emily. He went to Conrad's suite to take Emily away and brought her to an abandoned warehouse. It is assumed that they had sex that night. Emily apologized for how she treated him. Aiden spent many of his adult years looking for her and planning his revenge on Dmitri. Takeda then decides to send Aiden to the Hamptons as he does not believe that Emily has the courage to see her plan through, while Emily merely thinks that Aiden and Takeda were interfering with her plans. Keanu demanded Ben hand over £100,000 in order to have Callum, EastEnders spoilers: Keanu and Sharon's affair fallout has ruined many lives. In the middle of his training, in 2008, he was released by Takeda when he found a lead to his sister. EastEnders spoilers: Keanu is back for revenge - but who will pay? He flirts with Emily with the information Jack tells him. Nonetheless, Aiden left without her for some reason. ("Confidence"), When Emily confronts him about finding Kara, Aiden denies this and later goes back to meet Kara again. However, Conrad became suspicious of Pascal and killed him by pushing Pascal into the spinning blades of his chopper. In "Revelations", Daniel becomes aware that Emily and Aiden are a couple and is visibly jealous. Helen gives video proof of this to Aiden in "Collusion", offering to return her to him in exchange for killing Victoria. He appears to be the male equivalent of Emily, with both seen outsmarting each other on numerous occasions. In "Intel", Ben arrives on Emily's doorstep at midnight drunk. He first attempts to convince her Emily has the Grayson fortune, but Victoria doesn't believe him without some evidence, so Aiden breaks into Emily's house in search of proof. He starts flirting, though it is not reciprocated. Then he told Niko that the one who killed her father was Gregor Hoffman, who was in Russia and bought her a ticket. Later, Aiden showed up at Emily's house and revealed that "TWM" stands for Trevor Warren Mathis, Aiden's father. EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter's fate sealed in boat party tragedy? He later comes across Kara Wallace, Emily's mother, managing the motel Murphy was staying in.

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