Why are VR Home Tours Not More Main Stream

Why are VR Home Tours Not More Main Stream

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escribe the ideal house hunting experience for you. For me it would be never having to actually visit 40 homes to experience the homes, and pictures aren’t quite enough.

When it comes to shopping, I want to make quick decisions…. but I can’t say the same thing about buying a home… I want to look through as many homes as I can that my pockets would afford me to. And I want to be able to view/experience them as quickly as possible so as to not delay the process because my schedule wouldn’t permit it.

Today in the year 2018 everyone’s online shopping has increased. Do the websites you shop on give you the opportunity to see your items with a 3D experience where you can turn the object, left or right… upside down or zoom in close?

Why should the house/apartment hunting experience be any different? Google maps let’s us walk through the streets. Why has the real estate industry not make a big push to improve the buyer’s experience with the technology that is available today?


The home search experience should improve and incorporate today’s technology.

We are rolling out some new services. If you have VR gear put it on and enjoy the tour. If not you can click your way through, (hint the circles are your friends),

NY Home Tour

NY Mall Tour

Transported Virtual Reality Tours

Image Is Everything 




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